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1. Bring solutions, not just problems. If you just bring your manager problems, she has to solve them, but think how much more valuable you'd be (and how much time you'd save her) if instead, you brought proposed solutions. Even if your manager wants to respond differently, having a proposal to react to is easier than having to start figuring it out from scratch.1.带来解决方案,而不仅仅带来问题。假如你只是给你的经理带来问题,她就需要去解决它们,但你想象一下,假如你带来的是已经想好的解决方案,你该会变得多有用(给她也节省了多少时间啊)。即使你的经理想要一些不同的答案,有现成的方案来供她选择也比从一团乱麻中理出头绪要简单得多。

2. Everything has a trade-off. When you're responsible for only one piece of the pie, it's easy to think that solutions are obvious. But when you're responsible for the whole pie, it gets far more complicated; decisions that seem easy for you may require a trade-off somewhere else. For instance, you might not understand why your manager won't approve your request 癫痫病会隔代遗传吗for new software. But approving your request might mean that she has to cut her budget somewhere else, plus explain to a different employee why she can't have the training course she requested.2.每件事都有代价。当你只是对事情的一部分负责时,很明显想出解决的方案是很容易的。但假如你需要对整件事情负责呢?事情就变得复杂起来:那些对你来说看起来很容易的决定往往需要你付出些代价。比如说,你或许无法理解为什么你的经理不能同意你对于新软件的要求,然而假如同意了你的要求或许就意味着她要在别的地方减少预算,为此还要向另一位员工解释为什么她没能得到她所要求的培训课程。

3. Your attitude matters almost as much as your work. Managing a team can be exhausting, and it's significantly harder when a team member is resistant to feedback, difficult to work with or just plain unpleasant. Even if your work is good, many good managers will refuse to tolerate poor attitudes, and you could find yourself without a job or hampered significantly in your current one.3.你的态度和你的工作表现几乎一样重要。管理一个团队可能会非常累人,而当其中的一位团队成员拒绝作出反馈、难以共事又或是总是抱怨不满时,事情就会变得更加困难。即使你的工作表现很好,但很多优秀的经理仍然不会容忍你糟糕的态度,你甚至会因此丢掉工作或是在现在的工作中受到极大的阻碍。

4. If we say yes to you, we'd have to say yes t癫痫治疗医院哪家好o others. It might be just fine for you to work from home two days a week, but not for the whole department to do it. And if your manager allows you, it's likely that others will want to also. Managers can make exceptions for individuals, but in many cases, it will cause morale problems or even prompt accusations of treating one group differently than another. 4.假如我们为你破例,或许我们也不得不对别人破例。对你来说每周从家里来工作两天或许正好,但并不意味着全部门的人都适合。而假如你的经理容许了你这么做,非常可能会有其他人也想要这样。经理们可以为一个人破例,但在许多案例中,这会对士气造成影响,甚至还会导致有关歧视的投诉。

5. Feedback is meant to help you. Really. It can sting to hear what you're not doing well enough, but imagine if your manager never bothered to tell you: You wouldn't progress in your career or get merit raises, and you might wonder why others were getting better assignments and promotions while you were passed over. Managers (most of them, anyway) don't give feedback to make you feel bad or put you down; they do it because they want you to do well at your w贵港癫痫病治疗医院哪家好ork �C both for the company's sake and your own.5.给你反馈是为了帮助你。确实,听到老板说你在工作中做得不够好确实挺难受的,但想象一下你的经理这样告诉你吧:你永远不会在你的工作上有什么进步,也不会得到福利的提升。而你或许会想,为什么其他人可以得到更好的任务和升职机会,而你却总被忽视。经理们(当然不是所有的)不会为了让你难过而给你反馈,他们之所以给你反馈是因为他们希望你在工作上做得更好。――这既是为了公司的利益也是为了你自己。

6. Taking ownership is huge. It might be fine to merely execute a project that someone gives you. But it's far better when you can truly own the work �C meaning that you're the one driving it forward, obsessing over it, spotting problems before they arise and addressing them and generally taking the same sort of responsibility for it. Approaching your work like this can be what takes you from a B-player to an A-player and can pay off dramatically in the course of your career.6.要有主人翁的意识。或许仅仅去执行一件他人交给你的任务是很不错的。但如果你能够真正地成为工作的主人,那就更好了。拥有主人翁意识意味着你是那个驱动着工作前进、为了工作魂牵梦绕、不停地发现问题,解决问题,并且负起责任的那个人。像这样对待你的工作能让你从优秀变为卓越,也会为你的职业生涯带来巨大的收益。

7. We expect you to be a grown-up.That means that we expect you to try to find t癫痫能不能查出he answer yourself before asking us for help, to resolve your own interpersonal issues with co-workers, to have a work ethic that means your work doesn't change when we're not around, to avoid causing drama in the workplace and to otherwise behave like a professional adult who doesn't need to be told to do these things.7.我们希望你能成长。这意味着我们希望你能够在来询问我们的帮助之前自己去找到问题的答案,自己去解决和同事之间的人际关系问题,能够拥有一种职业道德,即使我们不在你身边也不会影响你的工作态度,能够避免在办公室惹麻烦,能够表现得像个不需要被指派任务的专业的成年人。

8. We want you to ask for help when you need it. Most managers do want to hear when you're struggling, whether it's with a particular problem on a project, a difficult client or an overwhelming workload. Don't hide your problems in the hopes that they won't be noticed �C speak up when you're struggling and ask for advice. Good managers will welcome it.8.我们希望当你需要帮助的时候能提出来。大部分经理都希望知道你何时陷入了麻烦,不管是因为某个项目中的某个特定问题,还是因为一个难缠的客户,或是因为工作量过多。不要总是把你的问题藏起来希望它们不会被察觉到。――当你遇到困难时勇敢地说出来,并且寻求别人的建议。好的经理会很欢迎你这么做的。